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  1. M5od-r1 rebuild shaft doesn't spin freely

    I just rebuilt my tranny with an overhaul kit and put new hubs/sliders in. After downloading the bench manual for this trans from trs I got to torquing down the front and rear bearing retainer plates and after that I could force the shaft to turn but it was by no means spinning freely. I am...
  2. Creating an off road racing truck

    I'm interested in building an off road truck to race in not for the near future with time after build and practice and testing, i was wondering if anyone could provide me with a list of upgrades to do to a truck as I am new to this, a list perhaps around these guideline, (Vehicles built from a...
  3. Edgefevah

    Its business time.

    So here it is, my ford ranger. my first 4wd truck and over the time that I have owned it i have really grown to liking how easy parts are to come by for it and how cheap some of them can be. This is what it looked like when I bought it. since then I hydrolocked my first engine(totally didn't...

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