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oil pressure sender

  1. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: 1990 2.9 open port on engine near Oil Sender.

    What is this opening on my 2.9? I got down there to clean and change the oil sender unit and noticed there's a deeply recessed port. Not sure if it's the norm and I'm just overreacting but I don't want to run to pick n pull to check without asking first. Any clue what this is and if there should...
  2. stamina

    install oil pressure gauge location.

    i want to know where i need to install this new gauge/where to thread it in, if someone could put a good picture in here in where it threads in that would be much appreciated
  3. 04 edge oil light

    Having problem the red oil light cant figure how to turn off. I have been told its the light for oil change. It is just called an oil light in manual. I have tried the hold speedo down 5 sec there isnt a menu that comes up. I have had several oil changes they dont have a clue. I know its...
  4. 99 4.0 orig oil pressure gauge to "true pressure" gauge

    One of the quirks about my "new" 99 Ranger with 4.0 was that the oil pressure gauge needle was on the wrong side of the peg. Today I pulled the dash apart to replace the 6 burned out dash cluster light bulbs. While in there I slid the needle off its shaft and replaced it with the needle resting...
  5. 2.3L w/ a possesed oil pressure gauge

    i've got a '90 ranger with a 2.3L (stock motor) w/ the dual plug head. after shaking my truck on a back road like a bad parent giving their kid shaken baby syndrome, my oil pressure gauge is now possesed by a skizophrenic demon. the needle goes from between the r and m on normal to "there is...

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