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oil pan

  1. 66 bronco 289 swap into 85 ranger (need help)

    Hi guys, I’m fairly new here. Looking for a bit of help from the knowledgeable folks here, I’m currently putting a stroked 1966 bronco 289 into a 85 ranger and wondering if I’m able to use the rear sump oil pan that is on early broncos with dip stick in the pan? Pan is approximately 5.5” in...
  2. Pulling the engine, what should I do?

    I am new to the forum and new to working on vehicles. I bought a 91 ranger stx 4.0l with the idea that it would be a good truck to learn on. When I got it home I noticed it was leaking oil. Everyone is telling me it's probably valve er gaskets, oil pan gasket, and/or rear main seal. From what I...
  3. Oil Pan Leak-Reinforcement Girdle

    Have a 2004 Ranger Edge 3.0 4WD. Recently had to replace the engine with a crate engine. Things went OK but after about 1.5 months, noticed an oil leak. It's a slow drip-clearly coming from the oil pan. The shop that did the engine work says that they forgot to replace and lost a part called...
  4. 2.3 tib removal to remove the oil pan?

    I'm thinking about getting a 97 ranger for my turbo project and I'll need to put my forged pistons in.. my main question would be while I have the tib out would it be possible or worth it to remove whatever left to drop the pan and get access to the crank?
  5. 1998 3.0L Oil Pan replacement

    Hi, New here - just signed up after 'lurking' for a year or two - picked up a lot of great tips from the forums. My 1998 4x4 3.0L oil pan has rusted out, and it's got the point where I have to replace it over the next few days. I've already got a new pan, and the felpro rubber gasket, but...
  6. Is this BAD advice about oil pumps?

    Hi, I was researching on the web about clogged oil pump screens, pumps, etc. I came across these two answers on how to resolve the prob without having to drop the oil pan (PITA, and trying to avoid it). These responses seem very sketchy at best. Anyone have a comment as to whether these...

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