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  1. Broken flywheel teeth and pinging

    Timeline of what happened: - Bought 1991 Ford Explorer 4.0 ohv / 5spd in January 2021 in good condition. - Starter gives out a couple months later, seemingly just due to age. Replaced it with a napa reman. All is fine for a few months. - Engine starts having a pinging issue under load...
  2. Se7enth Sol

    Fitting 4.0L SOHC to stock 1990 Bronco II transmission

    At to moment I am pulling the old rusted 2.9L v6 out of my 1990 Bronco II 4x4. I have purchased a 4.0L SOHC replacement engine from a 1997 Ford ranger. I thought I did a lot of research before purchasing but now I am not sure if the bolt pattern will line up to the OEM 1990 B2 transmission...
  3. 1997 Ranger 4.0 OHV Rebuild question

    Hi, I'm new here, I have a 1994 Mazda B4000 in which I'm rebuilding a 1997 Ranger engine for. It's a 4.0 SOHC with OHV. My question is do I need to worry about where TDC is of I'm replacing both heads with brand new ones? I should just be able to turn the crank shaft until I see the pistons at...
  4. JMF661

    Thermostat jiggle valve 4.0l OHV

    Hello All, I’m doing an intake manifold gasket replacement on this 4.0l OHV 93 ranger. I’ve ordered a mahle intake gasket set. Anyway, the stat thermostat I’ve ordered doesn’t have a built in jiggle valve like the installed stat valve. Should I drill a small hole in my new one, or attempt to...
  5. 3.0 Engine Wiring Harness For 4.0 OHV

    I cant find a engine wiring harness for my 98 Ranger 4.0 OHV Automatic trans. I did find one from a 3.0 from the same year. Will it work?
  6. Rough Under Load - Fuel Smell - No Codes

    Truck starting jerking a little a few days ago at highway speed and then continued even at low speed. First thought was bad fuel pressure or blocked fuel filter. While driving/under load: Heavy vibration and sometimes jerks/bucks. Feels drive train related. At idle or rev up while in...
  7. Supercharger Ford ranger project

    http://youtu.be/e-aSoFvVtq4 I'm not 100% about my idle issue, rev up n down a little! When throttle body is closed! I haven't check for leaks or anything! At idle with throttle body closed there is reversion, maf sensor double reading the air??
  8. Idle Issues!

    Just a quick overview of what im working with! 2000 ford ranger 4.0 W/ 5 speed. New clutch, fuel pump, Bored .30 over (no i didn't punch out the original block, its a kit), New alternator, plugs/wires, 160 degree thermostat, Cold air intake, Dumped Flowmaster 40. yada yada YAHH right...
  9. One hand washes the other type deal, ya dig

    I got me this lil 4.0 ranger a few years back, its my daily. I've since done quite a lot of work to it. A lot of it repairs mainly, So to make a big story short i can answer a lot of questions regarding these 4.0 OHV Pieces of joy. That being said I don't know everything YET> so ill have some...
  10. 951dangerranger

    4.0 ranger donor or 4.0 explorer?

    Hello! I have a 1994 2.3L 5 speed standard cab short bed. It is on its last limb due to 344k miles and I am planning a swap soon. I am trying to decide on what I am going to do. I want to go with a 4.0L, but with some research I have learned that rangers came with OHV and Explorers had SOHC. I...
  11. 2003 donor ranger to a 1999

    I currently drive a 1999 xlt 4.0 with 210000 miles on it... It is definitely a wonderful truck, but the front end has seen better days. My buddies dad just wrecked his 2003 xlt 4.0 that only had 120000 miles on it. I am looking at having the chance to get any parts off of his truck that I could...
  12. supercharger?

    so i no for the 4.0 sohc u can use an eaton m90 supercharger and im wondering if i can use that on the 4.0 ohv engian or if there is another brand that will bolt on?? ne input??

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