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o2 oxygen sensor

  1. Oxygen sensors

    I have a 94 ranger xlt with a 4.0 previous owner removed the o2 sensors and plugged them and removed the wiring for them I need to get them back in because the truck is running rich but I obviously have to run new wiring so if anyone has a wiring diagram or has done this before etc help would be...
  2. stamina

    o2 sensor locations on 1990 2.9l v6 ford ranger

    i know there is one right before the catalytic converter, that is all i know as of now, where (if any) are the other ones
  3. Pix3L8

    thoughts on high-idle

    Hey guys, so since my last post, I got my 2.9 put back together, in the truck, and it's running like a champ, purring like a kitten. You see the only issue that I'm having, which as I understand, is a 2.9 "thing" is that my idle won't go down no matter what I do to it. If I start the truck and...
  4. Oxygen Sensors: which brands/models best for drop-in replacement ?

    I've a '97 3.0 xlt longbox. It pretty well needs all new sensors, but for now I'm going to replace all the O2's, which OBDII is bitching about. I understand there's 3 of them, 2 pre, 1 post. There seems to be quite a range of prices and manufacturers, and some say "drop in", some "modding...

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