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  1. Top end noise

    I have an 88 ranger and it was sitting for about a month due to transmission problems and when I first started it up it began to make a ticking noise from the top of the motor. I think it might be the lifters should I be concerned? Is it bad for the motor?
  2. Disk brake noise

    So my front disk brakes are screeching loudly when I brake. I have cleaned the pads and rotor THOROUGHLY, twice, with many cans of brake cleaner, and there is no difference. I recently bought 'Disk brake quiet' spray to see what it would do but the directions say to spray it on the back of the...
  3. Squeeling / Squeaking from rear

    Anyone, I recently (within last week) bought my first Ranger. It's a 1999, 3.0L V6 4WD. Today, after running without any obvious noises, the truck as developed a fairly loud and constant squeak from the rear that stops only when the truck is no longer moving. Engine RPM has no...
  4. Popping sound when turning left

    I am hearing a popping sound when I turn left but only when going fast enough for the body to rock. When I turn to the right after this happens is makes a grinding sound like it's moving back into place. Any ideas on what this could be?
  5. Engine noise please help

    New here! I have 97 4.0l. It sounds like a diesel. At idle it ticks very loud but gets quiter when accelerating and becomes more rapid. This is what I have done so far. Cleaned mass air and checked with elc. Tester work as should. New plug wires. Checked and gapped plugs. Only code is 1433...
  6. possilbe EGR problems

    my ranger (1999 2.5l 4cyl 5spd) ahs this noise and i'm thinking it's detonation. or something like that. it did it for 4 years before we rebuilt the motor and it still does it. my guess is that the EGR isn't working proerly and that's whats causing it. my next theory is that it's computer...