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no fuel pressure

  1. Wont start..no fuel..not pump

    Have 93 splash...4.0 ohv Truck sat for 5 years and im getting it back up n running. Started right up and drove to my garage then noticed fuel leaking down tank from top. Dropped tank and fuel pump connections were broke n rusted..replaced whole pump assembly and filter, used some gas seal to...
  2. 90 2.9 LOW fuel pressure problems!!!! AHHHH!!!!!

    I have a 1990 ford ranger with the 2.9 v6 engine.... Having fuel issues. KOEO fuel pressure starts at 10 psi and will NOT build pressure, if I cycle key on and off and back on it will raise barely 1 psi each time. As soon as I start the truck, several cranks, fuel pressure will drop back to...

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