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  1. Compatible seats??

    Hey guys, so I’m new to this site but I just got a 1996 manual 4.0 v6 xlt standard cab 2wd with the long bed. I was searching on the site about what seats are compatible an found some info but not a whole lot on the mustang seat compatibility? My buddy has a 95’ cobra that he said I could have...
  2. 90 ford ranger 302 swap holly terminator x

    Ok I have a 90 ford ranger supercab that had a 2.9 auto in it I have a 86 302 with a t5 trans now the motor has no computer or harness so I purchased a holly terminator x for the ecu and harness any tips on how I should wire this up and any tips on the AC box mods would be greatly appreciated...
  3. Ranger T-5 swap with mustang hydraulic throw out bearing

    I have a 2003 5.0 ranger edge. I swapped in the T5 and used an older ranger master cylinder and universal slave. To use the older ranger master I had to drill holes through the firewall to mount it since the 98+ rangers master snaps into the pedal assembly itself. That lasted awhile but it...
  4. kevinbmx77

    using an old mustang as a donor car?

    Im looking to do a 302 swap. Would it be a good idea to buy a cheap 5.0 mustang as a donor car? Can i use the engine and transmission straight out of it? How would i find a driveshaft to fit it? Jegs has this swap kit...
  5. kevinbmx77

    been using this site for awhile and finally registered

    I've been using this site to look up information on all kinds of crazy idea's ive had but never followed through on any of them yet. The best thing ive completed is my sound system. My newest idea is one i really want to follow through on because it will help no matter which direction i go with...
  6. nesralyrrej

    sn 95 mustang axle swap

    has anyone ever done this? im going to swap it to disk breaks and bigger fronts because im going to dump alot of power into it so i figure a mustang axle is a good choice, any insight would be great!
  7. Best engine for 95 Ranger swap?

    I have a 2.3L, I4 , 5-speed manual 1995 Ford Ranger XLT 2 wheel drive. What is the best engine to swap with it? The main suggestion from the research I have done is a Ford Mustang 5.0L/302 engine. Is this what ya'll would suggest and what year would be best? Is there something easier to put...
  8. 5.0L HO conversion

    Have a 91' V8 ranger. Unfortunately I just burned a bearing and rathe than rebuild the motor going to pick up another from the junkyard I been eyeing up. It's a 5.0L HO from a 91 mustang. My ranger is set up for a carbureted V8. Will I be ruining this HO motor by putting my carb setup on it?
  9. will these fit?

    hey everyone, i have an 88 ranger. will these fit with no problem on my truck? they are off a 1999 mustang gt http://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/pts/2980769734.html the tire size i currently have is 225 75 15 these new ones are 245 40 17 i know the 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern is the same will the...
  10. 5.0 swap

    Alright so I have an 85 mustang gt, that body wise has become a rust bucket. I wanna pull the engine (302) and the trans (5 speed manual) and eventually put them in an 84 or 85 ranger. My question is, is it possible to use the mustangs 5 speed in the ranger?
  11. steeda triax shifter for wrong trans need help!!!

    today i bought a steeda short throw shift but the part#070-997-0158 says its for a tremec but i have a 1990 t-5 out of a 302 mustang....idk much about how the shifters are different because it almost feels like it will work but its weird and this is the only shifter i have......is there any way...
  12. Dirmaid

    Project Hopping It Up: Kermit

    Alright, I figured it was time to finally make a build thread for my green '01 Ranger, nicknamed "Kermit." Right now, the quest is to make this 3300 pound truck outrun an '05 Mustang GT in the quarter mile. Baseline: Kermit: 16.2 1/4 Mile Mustang: 14.2 1/4 And then they were both tuned and...
  13. Engine swap 1990 Mustang engine in an 1988 Ranger

    Hello I am new here and have been looking all over the internet for some help. I have picked up a 1988 Ranger for free it is in great shape except the crank shaft bearing is blown. I have a 1990 Mustang engine that I hope will fit in the ranger. Both engines are 4 cylinder 2.3L. Will this work...
  14. 4.6l Mustang Injectors??

    I found a killer deal on 6 injectors with fuel rail and regulator all for $25 on CL in my area. Would they be a worthy upgrade for my 4.0 before I slap it in my Bronco II? Where can I find more info on how much fuel they output and such? I did some Googling but haven't found quite what I'm...

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