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misfire buck

  1. Acceleration/power issues. Timing? Misfire? Help..

    Recently bought a 94 ranger xl 4x4 v6 3.0 manual. When I accelerate it feels like it's just not getting all the power to the wheels..bogs going up hills, and acceleration isn't consistent. Rpms move smoothly, but acceleration slows and speeds up and so on, as if I was feathering the gas...
  2. clubracergt1

    Won't rev past 4k

    This may have been addressed here before, but a search did not find what I was looking for. I recently picked up a 2003 Edge with a 3.0 and 5 speed. I don't really beat on the truck, but I have found that it won't pull past 4,000 rpm. Actually, it's like the truck is hitting a brick wall. It...

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