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  1. could use buyer advice

    so ive finally given up on my 1994 long bed 4cyl auto the trans has gone one too many times. my dad has found me a 1996 mazda b4000 4x4 5spd its a nice truck black looks pretty good but im weary about the mazda because im not sure how close it is to a ranger. ive been told that the ranger has...
  2. Nezorf

    My 1996 Mazda B2300 2.3L Manual Clutch Adventure!

    My 1996 Mazda B2300 2.3L Manual Repair Thread. Current Issue: Temp Gauge I thought I would start a thread for questions about my truck but also as a subsequent diary/walkthrough. My background: Ex-Motorcycle mechanic Basic car maintenance know how (oil changes, brakes, etc) General tinkerer...
  3. bblatch69

    gibson, magnaflow, or ?

    I was looking into cat back set ups for my b4000 with the 4.0 sohc, just wondering if anyone could give me some input on what brand would be the best? i want something that sounds good and deep outside, but quiet in the cab. thanks! :icon_thumby:
  4. brandothehick

    Front lift help

    96 mazda b4000 Front lift help i have a 96 mazda b4000 4x4 and my front is 4in lower then my back. what is the best (cheap) way to lift the front to even it out, and so i can put 33' or so tires on it. Would it be ok for me to just put front coil springs on that are 3in higher, or just 2in...
  5. bblatch69

    Superchips Flashpaq

    well i have a stock b4000 4.0 sohc and i was interested in the flashpaq or the cortex by superchips. i was wondering if anyone has used them and if you could let me know if its worth the 400 bucks? thanks!:icon_thumby:
  6. B2300 engine swap

    hey guys i have a 1997 mazda b2300 4x2 short box with a engine with no power so my question is what possible swaps could i do to it that would involve the least amount of customizing and is ther a 4x4 system that i could pull out of another ranger or mazda
  7. 1993 Ranger troubles (tranny)

    I have a 93 Ranger 4.0 5 speed (mazda) 2wd, previous owner ran it out of fluid, damage is done. Tranny is noisy in every gear except for 4th, but mostly in 1rst and 2nd. Is it worth (economically) to tear it apart or just hunt for a new tranny before this one blows up. Keep in mind been driving...
  8. mazda warrior

    positive traction

    hey guys i currently have a 97 mazda B2300 manual trans. and i want to know if there is a direct bolt on positive traction rear end like out of a 4x4 ranger or mazda that i can put under it so i can race a little i am currently putting a new clutch and wanting to put a turbo or nitrous on it any...
  9. suspension rook

    Ok here's the deal, I had a 96 ranger and after a major motor defect and baby discovery I got rid of it. It already had suspension done but I did motor, cab, bed cage and lights, fenders, bed, hood, bumpers. I just bought a wreaked 94 mazda b2300 with a bad motor for $50 off a friend and he did...
  10. 2000 Mazda B4000 4x4 Suspension lift

    i want to get a suspension lift for my truck. but my question is will a lift for a 2000 4.0 4x4 ranger fit my truck? and if not where can i get one that will?
  11. kman

    ranger brush guard on b3000

    will a 97 ford ranger brush guard fit on a 96 mazda b 3000 it bolts to the fram with out:icon_welder:
  12. kman


    this is probably a dump question and i'm pretty sure i know the answer but before i go spending money i want to be sure will 93 to 97 ranger bumpers fit on my 96 b 3000 the frams are supppost to be the same so they should fit right?
  13. Mazda B-Series in Bulgaria

    Hi. Recently retired to Bulgaria and shipped by Mazda B-Series B2500TD (4x2) from South Africa and that of course makes it a RHD model. Unfortunately I need to get hold of some LHD headlamps so I can get it through the local roadworthy. Suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. bull90

    Military Mazda B4000 Bulls Build

    Military Mazda - DD & 4x4 WARNING 56k! Car Domain 1998 Mazda B4000 4x4 paid 5440$ for it. since then i certified it, painted it, lifted it and got some tires for the time being! the truck had 163 000km and 4x4 was not in working order. Plans for this truck is to be a more reliable Daily...
  15. 03 Ranger engine and tranny into a 98 Mazda

    I have recently came across a 2003 Ranger 4L 2wd 5 speed with a rebuilt engine, transmission and new clutch (the problem is it got rear ended and the frame is screwed) and a 1998 Mazda B4000 4x4 5 speed with a perfect body but a blown engine and 400,000k on the transmission. I was wondering if...
  16. ECU question (1992 Mazda B2200 Sport fuel injected)

    ECU question (1992 Mazda B2200 Sport fuel injected) Though I have read on a few forums that people have replaced their ECU... I have not read that anyone suggests performing specific tests BEFORE installing the ECU. The reason I am concerned is that I received back an ECU that stated that the...
  17. 1994 2.3 to a 1999 2.5

    Whats up guys I had a few questions and was hoping you guys could help me out. So the 2.3l in my B2300 is about to roll over dead, So I found a 1999 2.5 and 5 speed that is in good condition and I needed to know if I could just pull out the 2.3l and drop the 2.5l in. Any help would be great...

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