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  1. Can't shift into 1st or 2nd gear

    I Recently replaced the clutch system, including slave cylinder, and flywheel on my 1993 Ford Ranger, 4.0L, 5 spd manual transmission. What I’ve done so far: - Removed (shifter, driveshaft, starter, exhaust pipes, transmission, flywheel, clutch, slave cylinder) - Replaced flywheel, slave...
  2. M5R1 popping ut of 5th gear

    Rebuilt the SOB and everything was working fine, then one day she started popping out of 5th and wont stay in! I can hold it in while I am driving, but it wont stay. I inspected all of the gears before reassembling, but maybe I didn't notice some wear on the 5th gear counter? I did in fact amke...
  3. Dprocks100

    Heavy/light clutch

    Got a few questions, more just kind of curious. Couldn't find anything specific searching, didn't really know what to search for. I have a 91 2.3 2wd manual ranger with 141,xxx miles. Nothing fancy, probably the lowest base model you can go cuz I've never found anything saying my truck has a...
  4. New '84 Ranger

    I just got an '84 ranger and was wondering what kind of cool swaps and stuff I can do with it? It's got the 2.3L 4 cylinder in it now and I want something with more power. Thanks
  5. transmission problems again

    I just had the tranny rebuilt and it's still not driving, we noticed that the flexplate is grinding against the oil pan, I'll upload a picture tomorrow. My question is, is a manual crankshaft (my new motor is a 3.0 from a manual, while mine was auto) different then a automatic, also is it...
  6. Help Clutch issuies!!!!

    ok i have a 1996 ranger xlt 2.3l 4 cyl 5 speed the slave cylinder was leaking so i replaced it i cant seem to get the air out of the line i have no clutch pedal what so ever i can push it to the floor with a finger! this is how it was before i changed the slave cylinder i heard these are...
  7. My 2003 Ranger Regular cab 5 speed

    Help! I have a fuel injected, 2.3 liter With Manual Tranny and in any gear under load, at any RPM under 2000, it has no power, over 2k and it acts a little hesitant, but goes up somewhat normally, I suspect it is a vacuum advance problem, but this engine is fuel injected, and I can't see quite...
  8. mobile madness

    now it wont start.

    Took out the 93 mt ecu today and put the 91 mt ecu in to match my year 4.0. It cranks but wont start.
  9. mobile madness

    to the guys who have 91 4.0 5spds

    What is the ecu number you guys used or did you have good luck at a junkyard. At the parts store it doesnt show a list for a manual 4wd. Just 4 automatic 4wd numbers. If any of you guys have a stock 4.0 5spd 4wd id appreciate it if you could give me the numbers.
  10. What shifter knob do you have?

    I want to get a new shifter knob for my 98 ranger manual and was wondering what you guys have. I might get a .44 grip. What do you think?
  11. 84bluebronco2

    Rubber Seal for T-Case wires

    I just wrapped up the install of my 1354M, and was wondering what you guy's would suggest I use to seal around the wires coming through the floor?
  12. Help!! Removal of Manual Transmission

    I'm having an issue where I am trying to remove my manual transmission from my 1992 Ranger. I have never had this issue with two previous removals, but it is giving me all sorts of trouble now. I have all the cables removed, All the bolts removed. I managed to get it to seperate about a half...
  13. William Spitzer

    AVM/WARN Manual Hubs

    So, this is probably a dumb question but what is the difference of the 98-00 international Rangers and the ones here in the US? Warn's website only lists hubs for the 98-00 international model, and i want to make sure I cant use them. I got a set of AVM hubs for Christmas, and a few days ago...
  14. chasemyranger

    Clutch noise (sounds like im barking the tires)

    My truck with just over 110,000, and a manual 5spd tranny, started having a transmission/clutch squeak last summer, and if it happens it is only when i am taking off. My dads semi trucks don't do this, my other truck doesn't do it, and well i haven't really heard it at all before, it sounds...
  15. AOD to manual swap

    I have a 1988 ranger 4x4 with a 1986 ford 5.0 in it with an AOD tranny. The truck was originally a manual before the previous owner swapped a 5.0 in it, but i still have a clutch pedal and a big hole in my floor where they just slapped a auto floor shifter over the hole. My question is what...
  16. Weird start up problem

    I have a 1998 ranger Xlt I4 with a manual transmission. When put it in nuetral and just let the clutch run and it starts just like a normal engine, but after a few seconds (maybe 10) the engine seems to sputter down and chug at a slower rate causing the vehicle to shake. After a few seconds of...
  17. 87' FM145 to 2.3? Will there be issues?

    So I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me. I have an 87' Ranger XLT 4x4 with a 2.9 V-6, and it has over 160,000 miles and has sat for 9+ years. I really don't want to mess with it, and I would like to hop up and swap in a carbureted 2.3L. I want to keep my stock Mitsubishi...
  18. Electrical Issue Involved With Transmission Swap

    I have a 1998 3.0 V6, and I swapped the automatic transmission out for a Mazda MR1 manual transmission last winter.:icon_welder: I had all of the important stuff hooked up, and I just left the backup lights for another day. I decided that I would like to get them hooked up this week hopefully...
  19. 1993 Ford Ranger 4x4

    So I've had my truck for a while and recently realized the manual locking hubs don't work. Nor the light on the dash (4x4/Low Range). I was reading up on the Warn Jeep hubs and was wondering how difficult it is to swap my hubs out for these as well as the cost of them. thanks alot
  20. Manual Tranny problems

    I have a 2004 Ranger with under thirty thousand miles on it. It started to make a clanking sound somewhere underneath. I inspected it and it sounds like a little piece of metal that is flying around my bell housing, or gear box. I don't know what is making this rattling but it seems like...