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  1. lowering ranger

    I have a 94 ranger 2.3 2wd and i was thinking of putting a 3/4 drop on it. What i dont know is what size wheels and tires to put on my ranger when i lower it. Please help!
  2. air bagged ranger need advice

    im turning my 1995 ranger into a little custom street truck. ive decided i want air suspension on all for corners or bagged and slammed as ive heard it called but i really know nothing about theese systems i have all the skills nessisary to install such a system but dont know which one would be...
  3. Low Ride/Air Ride 2008 Sport

    ok guys. this is the project. I am hoping some other torsion owners want to do the same thing so we can make this happen. I will do it without community support, but it would be nice to save a bit and have higher chance of success if there is a group effort. I want to have a plush low ride...
  4. Need info on a ranger im looking to do a 302 conversion

    ok So im looking for a good platform to do a 2wd 302 ranger build, i have one prospect i need some info/opinions on, its a 1993 Splash 2wd reg cab short stepside bed its supossed to be lowered 4in in the front and 5in in the back, im wondering if i will run into clearance problems when i go to...
  5. slpthunderbolt

    Lowering options?

    Hey all, I have a 03 thunderbolt that came lowered by SLP by about two inches, and they added some "handling package" and strengthened front and rear stabilizer bars. I recently just bought a set of 18s and there seems to be too much clearance between the tire and the fender for my liking. What...
  6. Ranger Prerunner Bumper

    Made of 3/16th frame horn design 1 3/4 .120 tubing consists of four bends, light hoop and a aluminum skid plate! for sale if anyone is interested pm me
  7. What do i need to lower an 87' Ranger

    I am new to this site and to lowering trucks... so i was just wondering what i would need to lower my 1987 ranger 3 in front and 4 in rear? I've been looking online and i know i would need I-beams and springs but anything else? Any suggestions would help a lot! Thank you!
  8. lower my 1991 ranger

    i have found the djm kits for it but they are going for like 700.00 off their website...does anyone know any good places to look or any suggestions on maybe a cheaper way without completely losing the quality?

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