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  1. maemae

    2004 2.3L clunking??

    I really didn't know where to put this thread, but my 2004 2.3 L, manual trans. is clunking, whenever I put my foot on the gas.:icon_confused: The clunking stops when I go over 40mph. I thought it was the u-joints, but there does not appear to be any unusual movement in the drive shaft. Is...
  2. power steering play when hot?

    when it gets hot outside, and i drive the truck enough (get it hot too) i get this play in the steering that i cannot pinpoint. i think its in the rack itself. it makes a small knocking sound in the steering wheel, i can feel it more then hear it... just enough to notice it well enough for it...
  3. electrical gremlin

    I recently decided to rewire my speakers because no set of speakers i put in the ranger were working properly. The original setup was custom and had all left side speakers wired together and all right side speakers together. I split them up and now i have no radio and no windshield wipers. It is...
  4. r1hatman

    83 bed off center fix

    My bed on my 83 4x4 regular cab is off center a little. How much play(adjusting room) do you have when you loosen those bed bolts? And how easy are they to get loose without breaking something? Anyone have any experience with those?:icon_confused: Thanks:icon_thumby:

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