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long travel

  1. Will F-150 I beams and such bolt up to 2wd 96 ranger?

    Hi all, I was talking to my grandpa and he said that that the f-150 suspension bolts up to the ranger, to get a poor mans long travel. I was wondering how true this is and what all I would need to pull off of a f-150 to get it to work... Ive got a 2wd 96'
  2. 2005 STX prerunner mid travel front suspension.

    So I’m trying to find the parts I need for mid to long travel front suspension. However, I’m finding that every kit or parts list with pictures that I can find in whole of the interwebs doesn’t look the same lol. The coilspring is literally through the freaking frame. How tf do I upgrade that...
  3. 4wd LT rear suspension upgrade

    I've been doing some research into doing a 4wd LT upgrade from Dixon bros/Vegas desert fab and I pretty much know what I need to do for the front, but I still am a little confused about the rear. Is there such a kit where I don't have to cut the bed? such as just upgrading the leafs and shocks...
  4. Ranger Edge long travel input please

    What's up everyone. First actual post in TRS (aside from that inroduction page). Anyways, I've got a stock 05 ranger edge 2wd. As most of you know, the edge's came factory "lifted". But Im considering trying to fabricate my own long travel suspension system. I'm looking for ideas or people...
  5. travel with a 64in chevy swap

    how much travel could i expect to possibly acheive with a 64in chevy swap re-arched 10 in and 7-9in shackles as oppossed to deaver springs and a flipped shackle? also what king of shock setup should i use or what is the best?? thanks to any respones!

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