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  1. 96 Ranger 4x4 ABS ECU location

    Recently purchased 96 Ranger 4x4 3.0. Previous owners had Ford dealership troubleshoot their ABS. Wheel sensors replaced and the dealer says the final problem is in the control module. It's evidently in the dash. Have consulted two printed manuals and a Fort TSO- can't find how to access and...
  2. Transmission Vent Location

    Where is the transmission vent located on a 2000 ranger 4 liter, 4x4, with automatic transmission? I would like to relocate for water crossings.
  3. PVC valve location. NEED HELP!

    I've looked on all the threads i could find but none of them seem to get me even close. I need to find the PCV valve on my 2007 2.3L I4. PICTURES WOULD BE BEST. But if you have a really detailed description it might help too. I've looked all over this engine and I can't seem to find the damn...

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