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  1. barrys

    Fog lights come on after ignition turned off -- not kidding...

    But seriously folks... I noticed my fog lights were on after I got out of my truck. Headlights were not on, keys in pocket. Etc... I read up on how they work. I was able to get them to come on once when wiggling the switch with the ignition on and the lights off. They do come on when they are...
  2. 1999 Ranger 2.5L rear light electrical problems

    Hello! I have a 99 Ranger with lighting problems in both taillight assemblies. This truck has three connectors in each taillight assembly: one for a single filament turn signal (two pins), one for a dual filament brake/park light (three pins), and one for a single filament backup light (two...
  3. engine has auto throttle and more issues

    i have an 05 4.0L ranger edge, i was involved in a hit an accident. after i got the body work done i went to drive it around and the throttle wanted to stick around 2 grand, if you push the clutch in and hit the throttle it would drop down bellow normal idle rpm. the engine lobes like it has a...
  4. 91 351w

    need some electrical help

    The other night i was driving along in my 91 ranger when suddenly all my interior dash lighst quit working, I also noticed my running lights quit too. i figured it was a fuse so i checked them all and replaced the one that was blown. still no dash lights or running lights. I can get the running...
  5. Where to put the SWITCHES

    I have a 2000 Ranger XLT and have no idea where to mount switches. Well . .. I know where I could, but it has to look good too. Any ideas or pictures?

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