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light bar

  1. Need help with rear lighting wiring 1994 Ranger XLT 2.3L manual 2wd

    Converting to a flatbed. Purchased Led light bar. LINKITOM 40 LED Truck Tail Light Bar wires are: Red, Green, White, Yellow, Black (5 Wires) out of back of lightbar Installation instructions as follows: Black- Ground Black & Red-brake light Black & Green- Tail/running light Black & White-...

    Lasfit LED Light Bars - High-Quality Combo Lense Light Bar For Your Budget

    It is our goal as a company to constantly redefine the quality and service standards of the lighting industry and continually offer our customers the most premium lights you can buy with the same budget. We pursued the same aim with off-road lights. In this thread, we will give a detailed...
  3. clifford97

    roll/light bar for jack mount

    another retarded question that im hoping someone can help me with. a few weeks ago i found a brand new hi-lift jack for $50:yahoo: but it was a 60" and even though i didnt need all that lift i figured it would handle my truck maybe someone who has more lift but doesnt have one could use mine...
  4. redneck_rainey

    Beefy Custom Bumper Almsot Complete

    ok, so. finally got goin on the bumper. bought 10' of 2"x8"x1/4" rectangular tubing, 10' 2"diameter tube 1/8" thick. $160 in materials. main run across the front is 4' of 2x8. we used a setaline torch to channel out the back to cut down on weight. on the ends of that are 2x8 sections 12" long...

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