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  1. 1998 Ford Ranger XLT Motor Swap

    I have the 3.0 V6 ranger rwd and i'm wondering if it'd be easier to do the motorswap with or without pulling the tranny too, and also all i have is a small socket set so how could i take the motor mounts off? i tried but should i use a pipe on the handle for more leverage? And also off topic...
  2. My 2.3L with MOOG cc866 coil springs...

    Just installed Moog's cc866 coil springs today on my '93 Longbed 2.3L. These are rated for the 3.0 and 4.0 V6 trucks. I wanted as heavy as I could get to attempt to counter "the lean". (a battery move is next) I had read on this site that the expected ride would be much stiffer, however, it...
  3. Lifting BII's For Cheap?

    Ok, i am 15, building a 89 BII, i want about a 2-3 inch lift, besides the stuff on the tech pages, is there any secrets to cheap lifting?:icon_confused::icon_bounceblue:
  4. Need help

    Im 17 atm im working a job and got more days this summer atm my 6th cylinder in my 1999 XLT Ford Ranger is misfiring although im getting it all fixed and all new valves. Im wanting to lift it i already got me some black rims and im wanting to put like a 3-4 inch lift in the front and 1-2 in the...
  5. Sbc 4x4 conversion

    I'm planning on a build on my 94 ranger 4.0 4x4. I got almost everything I need to start the project. I got a 305 that's more then enough for this truck. And I'm looking around for a automatic 4x4 set up with the front drive shaft on the left side of the trany so i can hook up my front axle...
  6. FORD2011

    cranking up 99 ranger torsion bars question

    i have a 99 ranger and would like to raise the front just a little with low costs...should i crank up the torsion bars a little? are there any other better ways. give me your input

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