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  1. houlimon

    6 inch rear Bilsteins

    Happy day yall. looking into getting some rear shocks for my 84 its sitting on 2 blocks around 5 inches of lift that im not to fond of. i plan to get some chevy 63's and the belltech 6400's in the next month and ditch the blocks. wondering if anyone sticks with bilstein and has a part number for...
  2. 91 ford ranger 2wd with 4" suspension lift positive camber problems

    I have a 91 ford ranger 3.0 project truck 2wd it's has a 4" suspension lift 3" body lift 16 x7 wheels and 35" bfg' s all is about done and road ready but after all that lifting the camber is way positive and I have looked for the best adjustable camber kit but I really don't know if I'm getting...
  3. Engine swap 2000 xlt

    I have a 2000 ford ranger xlt 4.0 I want to do a v8 engine swap I have a 2 inch body lift n 4 suspension what motor should I swap for? And what computer would I need? Help me please
  4. Ranger Delema

    I have a delema today and I was trying to get some opinions. So i have a 1995 Ranger XLT 4.0 and i love fast trucks and big trucks. I was wondering if i should do an engine swap for a 302 to make it quick or put a reasonable lift and put decently big tires on it. Realistically not looking to...
  5. new here

    Hey everyone im new here , i have a 2002 ext. 2wd 3.0 ranger with a 3in spindle lift coil spacers in the front ,3in blocks in the rear , 33 12.50 mt km2 Bfgoodrich tires, pro comp 15in rims ,str8 pipe from the catback with a 4in tip out the side,tinted lights fog lights and windows ...
  6. rangerscout

    3.0l supercharger buildup long travel kit

    Ok so this is what i AM going to do and i dont care about your negative criticism i just want positive ok. So what i am doing is getting the tom morana racing stroker kit to make it a 3.3l and i am going to be getting the m90 or m112 supercharger and maybe a water meth kit but thatd be later...
  7. gearing question for lifted ranger

    I just bought a 97 Ranger Ext Cab 4WD 5spd 4.0 Lifted 6" with 33s on it. It currently has the stock 3.73 gearing on it,and its terrible IMHO. What gearing should i be running? I need better gas mileage out of it and a little more power to climb the hills around where i live. I was thinking 4.10s...
  8. William Spitzer

    Toe and camber issues

    I bought this truck for cheap with what looks like a homemade suspension lift with hopes of making it road worthy. The toe and camber look wayyy off, and was hoping that it was fixable, or I could get something to make it better. I really don't know much about lifted suspension, but I can get...
  9. Will 31's fit with this offset?

    I've got a '88 Ranger with just a 3 inch body lift. My rims have a -27mm offset with 3.5 in back spacing. i'm wondering if 31's would fit without rubbing. Anyone got any ideas?
  10. Ranger suspension help

    I have a 1998 ranger with a 2" torsion crank in the front and 2" shackle spacers in the rear. I have 31" tires on rims with negative backspacing. What kind of gas shocks would anybody recommend for the front suspension. It seems nobody has any shocks listed for a lifted ranger.
  11. 2007RangerSport

    My Plans For My 2x4 Ranger Sport

    This is MY RANGER! :) I WANT to lift My 2007 Ranger Sport 2x4/w Torsion Bars! I havnt done ANYTHING Suspension wise yet. (other than crank my T-Bars) and i like how my truck sits on 31x10.50s. (Really Hot) I am stuck between two lifts: 1. Camburg 2wd Entry Level 6.0 Kit 2...
  12. a few tranny and 4 link ?'s

    i have a 1985 auto with a 302 and an 84 with the 5speed my question is with putting the 5 speed in my truck effect the over all length of the drive shafts and dose any body have the measurments for running a 4 link with 33" tires and 6" sus-lift thanks for any info
  13. Ranger Prerunner Bumper

    Made of 3/16th frame horn design 1 3/4 .120 tubing consists of four bends, light hoop and a aluminum skid plate! for sale if anyone is interested pm me
  14. drummaster_54

    My 1989 V8 Ranger

    I got this truck for free from a family member when it had a toasted 2.9 in it. Since then I put a 302 in it, rebuilt an AOD myself and put that in, James Duff lift, new headlight and grille assembly, and 33's. Much much better now but still has a long way to go.
  15. morgan946

    my lifted 2002 ford ranger edge

    here is a pic of my truck sittin on mickeys!
  16. will front f150 shocks fit a 98 2wd?

    I recently purchased a 3" coil spacer and shackle lift for my 98 2wd ranger. I bought all new monroe shocks(stock replacements) and lined them up with my motorcraft shocks I took off. The new monroe shocks are about an inch shorter, and I am not sure if they will be long enough with the amount...