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  1. BishNasty

    Bronco II explorer questions?

    Hi guys, I have a stock 5spd 87 bronco II. I'm looking to lift the truck so I want stronger axles, I found a 92 parts explorer for a couple hundred bucks. its got about 200k on it with a rebuilt 4.0 auto trans. Now my questions are will I be able to use both front and rear axles from the...
  2. 06RangerXLT

    My daily driver "Prerunner"

    So, as id love some extra opinions on the mods ive done thus far, im going to switch from posting my mods in the show off section to here. My old thread was removed, so here i am with a couple updates. Yesterday myself and 3 friends did the chevy 64 swap on my truck, with new rancho RS9000's...
  3. 3in. body lift

    i have the chance to get one at the junkyard for 50. but from what i could tell there is no steering extender thing. I also noticed that my trucks stick shift is different then the one pictured for the extender, would this be ok not extended. would this even be worth it to get it? it looks...
  4. adding coil spacers

    So in the tech library it talks about using welded washers to put under the coil to lift it, but im confused as to wear to put the washers. I havent taken the coil off yet but there is already a bushing there, so does the washers go above that or below it or inplace of it? Also could i go as far...
  5. brandothehick

    Front lift help

    96 mazda b4000 Front lift help i have a 96 mazda b4000 4x4 and my front is 4in lower then my back. what is the best (cheap) way to lift the front to even it out, and so i can put 33' or so tires on it. Would it be ok for me to just put front coil springs on that are 3in higher, or just 2in...
  6. New Member Need Lift Advice For 93

    hello all, im new here, Ive recently been searching all over the net for ranger info and you guys seem to be the best. a few months ago i picked up a 93 ranger splash 4x4 5 speed 4.0l. and i love it, i get good fuel economy and its fun to drive. its definitely a work in progress and i have...
  7. Will this lift work?

    So I found a camburg 6.0 lift on craigslist for 800 I wanna pick up and I know it's for the edge and I have a normal 2wd with the coil springs not torsion bars. it wont work will it. I'm hoping it does like if I got the spindles and the a arms will they work on my truck. any help will be great!
  8. BlueRanger93

    Lifting my 1993 2wd ranger

    ok guys im stuck. i bought a 2wd ranger i got it for a great price for the condition, :offtopic: but anyways i want to lift it and im not quiet sure what im doing as far as the lift kit. there was a 4x4 ranger that was lifted i just happened to see a few days ago so i bought the kit off it. ive...
  9. Swapping coil spring front end with torsion bars

    So I'm working at building my 07 Ranger. My question is; Can I swap my coil spring front end with a torsion bar front end from an 02 without any fab work? I'm trying to build in stages so this will allow me to put my tires, fiberglass, and bumpers on while deciding on which suspension I want to...
  10. 2011 Ranger LIFT

    just wondering some other opinions on the best lift for my 2011 ranger...its 4x4. also where should i get rims? tirerack doesnt seem to have the ones i like. im looking for the baja style rims with 9 holes or so.
  11. I-Beam Suspension Questions

    Hello, I have a '94 Ranger XLT 2WD and have thought about trying to level off the factory rake the truck came with. Currently I have this truck completely stock, 15" rims on 30x9.5 tires. I am trying to figure out what my front lift options are (Spacer, longer coil) as well as the adjustable...
  12. 2000 Ranger 4.0L lift question

    Hey I just purchased a 2000 ranger completely stock. I want to lift it enough to fit 32's or 33's. If anyone can tell me how much lift I would need or link me a thread for it that would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.
  13. offset vs. size

    I have a 1993 Ranger 4.0L XLT 4x4 that is lifted 4 inches and currently still have the stock 15X7 rims (which I believe have 4 inch backspacing, correct me if I am wrong.) and the stock 31/10.50/15 tire size and am going to jump to a 33/12.50/15 tire and aftermarket rims that are 15X8. My...
  14. my 97 ranger is finally almost donee

    yup im a new member, this is my first post. but yea, im real excited.. i have had my 97 ranger for a little over a year now. when i first got the ranger, it was this little low rider looking thing, with a 3inch drop in the front, and lowering leafsprings and new shackles in the back. (not...
  15. Cranked too much??

    This past weekend I finally decided to level my truck by cranking my torsion bars. Initially, my truck sat at 34.5" from ground level to the bottom of fender wells. I only wanted to crank them 1.75" so as not to cause too much wear on my front end components. I was able to crank them to achieve...
  16. morgan946

    1 ton 2002 ford ranger sas ideas?

    any ideas for my 1 ton sas while i wait on my tax returns to come in?
  17. FORD2011

    cranking up 99 ranger torsion bars question

    i have a 99 ranger and would like to raise the front just a little with low costs...should i crank up the torsion bars a little? are there any other better ways. give me your input
  18. 2000 Mazda B4000 4x4 Suspension lift

    i want to get a suspension lift for my truck. but my question is will a lift for a 2000 4.0 4x4 ranger fit my truck? and if not where can i get one that will?
  19. Rangerman92

    project : loser to cruiser

    Project orange crush This is my 1994 Ranger 4.0 V6 that has been under construction for about the past two months. It's been changed to look as close to a splash model as possible, minus the stepside bed. Everything is monochromatic. The body panels were all removed for painting and body work...
  20. explorer leaf swap didnt work???

    hopefully some of you can tell me what went wrong...i have a 2000 4wd that the springs were flat...so after reading a bunch i thought explorer leafs would be the best option...i went to my local u-pick and found a set off a 98 4 door with 80000 miles looked like they were in great...

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