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  1. 2000 4.0 swap

    Alright, so I have an '89 Bronco II 2.9l with 235/75r15 tires, which really bog it down, and I'd like some more power. My friend recently rolled his 2000 explorer and is willing to sell it for me $300. The roof is trashed, but everything under is fine. I've heard of people putting 4.0s in BII's...
  2. project crimson salvation (in progress)

    started out as a 2wd 3.0 body lift custom rack and bumper 4.10 8.8 10in drums and 31-10.50 15s I bought for 2k with a bad motor threw in a used 3.0 for 250 bucks drove it for the summer and the dreaming/planning parts finding began...
  3. Lifting 2wd

    Hey. I want to lift my 2004 Ranger 2wd. I'd like to lift 3in. I'm thinking coil spacers in the front and blocks in the back. If I put 3in blocks in the rear what's the best size coil spacer to put in the front to get the truck level at a 3in lift overall? Thanks.
  4. Scobi64

    Arched Springs?

    Hi, new to the forum. Seen it many times. Anyways, I have a 1999 Ranger 4x4 and it's already got 5 inches of lift. I want to lift the rear another 1-2 inches. Not with any more blocks either. I was thinking if I put springs that had more of an arch to them. That would definitely do it. Where...
  5. 99 2wd 3.0 awaiting a 4.0 4x4 frame swap!

    Just my 99 2wd 3.0 updated big drum 8.8 ranger axle with 4.10s, 31's, on steel wagon wheels, body lift, nice headlights and tinted lenses all around custom rack and bumper, Lund fiberglass add ons, custom CAI, gearing up for a 4.0 4x4 frame swap from a wreaked 2000 I picked up, both are manual...
  6. TwooD

    Help with a lift kit!

    Hey guys, im sort of new to this and i just got my first truck a couple weeks ago, a 1999 B4000 4x4 and im just curious as to what lift kits would you guys suggest for it? I am unsure as to what id need, I want 3 or more inches. thanks! :)
  7. will.moyer

    b2 lift

    alright ive heard from friends who have b2s that i can take explorer and jeep parts to lift my b2 although none of them did that so if anybody can help me with the list of parts and vehicles i could possibly pull them off of that would be awesome
  8. off roading overhaul need advice

    After some extensive online reading (still need more) I am ready to throw out my plans and get some advice from the forums! Ranger specs: (all stock) • 2001 Ranger Edge 4X4 SOHC 4.0L Automatic • Open 8.8” with 4.10 ratio • 151,000 miles (purchased at 110,000 miles) • 30” tires My goals: • 33s...
  9. 98 3.0l 3"lift

    Hey guys, got a 98 ranger 2wd 5 speed.....I have done a 3" spindle lift on the front and 2" shackle w/ 2" block kit and its time for new shocks ( currently have lift shocks from fabtech) and was curious if I did a 2" coil in the front would that improve my ride quality with maybe a bigger...
  10. F250 coil springs

    My 89 Bronco II has 6 inches of lift but I want to lift it more. I know a guy that has f250 coil springs and I was wonderin if they would fit my bronco and if they did how much lift would I get and how stiff would the ride be? The guy that has them says they lifted his f150 9 inches.
  11. Putting 2wd at stock 4wd height

    Dunno if this is better in the pre-runner or not but figured it'd be ok in a 2wd lift forum- I have a 1996 Ranger xlt extended cab 2wd that I'd like to bring up to stock 4wd height, i'd like to get a little more ground clearance out of it but i don't really wanna put the money in for a...
  12. Colton Smith

    Help: DIY gap covers for body lift

    Hey guys I'm doin a 3" body lift and wondered what could be used to cover the gaps in the wheel wells for cheap. I was thinking thin rubber matting or something. Just not sure where I can find something like that for a fair 20-30 bucks. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. rawrrediffer86

    Hey Yall :D

    Hey im new to this forum, just trying to see what i can do to my ranger! :D I wanna make it big. im sick of people telling me my ranger isnt a real truck & its for prissy girls. im gonna show them i aint no priss. i just picked up a skyjacker 6in lift for it at the bone yard for 90 bucks! :) so...
  14. Homemade lift kit?

    Anybody out there done a custom lift? I got a 92 ranger 4x4 that is an off roader only, need a lift but don't wanna spend the cash since its just a beater. Any help is appreciated.
  15. MichaelG

    Putting it all together, a suspension idot.

    Ok, here's the basics: I'm mechanically minded. I do all my own maintenance and modifications to the motorcycles I own, my son races motocross and I'm the acting mechanic for his bikes as well. I've done a large number of electrical modifications to cars and trucks over the years and I'm...
  16. would 2 inch lift coil springs from 97 ranger fit my 85 b2??

    i found a great deal on some and wondering if i should snag them. thanks!
  17. 93 2wd Camber problem with new coils (adjustable bushings didn't solve it)

    Have a 93 Ranger (2wd, 2.3L) that I installed new 2.5"-3" coil springs. This threw the camber way off. Even after adjustable camber bushings and an alignment the tires are 3 degrees off. I think I need radius drop brackets, but I cannot find any for 2.5" in 2wd; only 4wd. Does anyone make...
  18. William Spitzer

    Lift choices

    Recently bought an 86 B2, and am starting to get it ready for winter. The tires on it now are pretty dry-cracked, but I have a nearly brand new set of General Grabber AT/2's (31/10.50/15's) on ranger wheels. I bolted them on but theres a little rubbing, and i'd really like to avoid cutting my...
  19. Alignment after lift coils?

    Although this is my first post, i have searched through these forums time and time again and still have a few questions. I want to do a 3-4" shackle lift in the rear and already have those fabricated. In the front I want to do 4" lift coils or 2.5" coils with a 1.5 or 2" coil spacer. Any...
  20. BishNasty

    Bronco II explorer questions?

    Hi guys, I have a stock 5spd 87 bronco II. I'm looking to lift the truck so I want stronger axles, I found a 92 parts explorer for a couple hundred bucks. its got about 200k on it with a rebuilt 4.0 auto trans. Now my questions are will I be able to use both front and rear axles from the...

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