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  1. DirtBronco

    BII/2nd Gen Ranger T-Case Question

    Is it normal to have the e-selector button tray on the dash in tandem with a manual transfer case lever? The buttons are blank, no 4x4/Low written on them, but there's have a noticeable click when I press them. From what I've seen on junkyard Rangers, there's usually a fake vent that goes...
  2. RangerBogger

    E57A Transmission shifter

    Hey guys, I'm trying to fix my 85 manual tranny. There is supposed to be a polyurethaine ball on the end of the stick but it came off in the slot its supposed to and is completely useless now. If I try to shift over into reverse the lever will pop out and leave my truck engauged. I need...
  3. rawrrediffer86

    transfer case swap?

    okay i have a 97 ranger 4.0 automatic tranny & i have the switch activated transfer case. i was wondering how hard is it to switch to a lever actualted transfer case? any ideas? would be gratually appreciated. i already have the manual locking hubs.

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