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lean code

  1. The Dreaded Lean Code

    Hi everyone! New member, have been stalking the forums for a while now, and I finally got my hands on a ranger. Oldie, but seems in fair shape. Only issue I’ve found so far, code P0174. Pops up fairly often. Not every time but often. Truck doesn’t idle super smoothly, but it isn’t terrible...
  2. Lean Condition - did I cover all bases?

    Ok...so, I have troubleshooted so much the past few weeks regarding a P171 & P174 code. I am wanting to make sure I have covered all bases before I pull the intake. Here is a brief rundown: 1999 4.0 V6 OHV 4x4 1) Valve Cover Gaskets (and ECT sensor) replaced a few months ago 2) Not sure if...
  3. SenorNoob

    Code 172 CM & KOER

    I've been getting this code at first intermittently now constant (since the swap) as soon as the O2 sensor kicks in. Even when the check engine light is on I can connect a voltmeter to the O2 sensor and it reads a fairly steady 0.8. When first started it's at about 0.05 then starts climbing...
  4. tenga

    Same old problems, thinking fuel related

    I find myself having to post here again unfortunately, symptoms include very intermittent power loss, of which haven't been able to find a pattern. (It will go a whole day of driving without doing it, ill park in for an hour and get back in and it wont make it 2 blocks before doing it. though...

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