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  1. sebastian323

    Front differential leaking, safe to drive in 2WD mode with front hubs unlocked?

    My front differential on my 1996 4.0 4x4 5spd manual ranger xlt is leaking heavily , probably from the pinion seal. Can I leave the front hubs unlocked and 4x4 off and drive around even if the fluid in the front diff is low/empty while I get around to fixing the leak? Also, does transfer case...
  2. JohnG

    Leaking after rad change

    dumb question for the day... How do I stop the leaking from the transmission line going into the radiator? I have gradually tightened it fittings down but afraid I’m going to crack the tank or strip threads if I tighten it much more. Should the fittings have some sort of sealing tape or other...
  3. Seems like a cracked head

    I pulled my motor because I was leaking coolant out of the back of the motor from somewhere I couldn’t see with the block in the truck. Oil was normal, coolant was coolant, when the block was out I noticed it looked like it was seeping out of the corner of the head gasket so I pulled the head...
  4. Oil Pan Leak-Reinforcement Girdle

    Have a 2004 Ranger Edge 3.0 4WD. Recently had to replace the engine with a crate engine. Things went OK but after about 1.5 months, noticed an oil leak. It's a slow drip-clearly coming from the oil pan. The shop that did the engine work says that they forgot to replace and lost a part called...
  5. Dprocks100

    manifold/catalytic converter flange seal?

    This is my last major problem getting my truck back together. No matter what position I put the manifold and cat flange together at, it leaks. There is no gasket that I know of that goes between the two. any one have any tips on sealing this? The guy at the parts store told me to try copper RTV...
  6. 2001 ford ranger 4x4 front differential cover leaking

    hello i have a 2001 ranger 4x4 and the front differential cover is leaking and i want to take it off and fix it but where the motor crossmember sits and where the diff sits i cant get one of the cover bolts all the way out, anyone know how i can move the diff to get the bolt out?

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