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leaf spring

  1. Leaf springs

    Hey there, Need to replace broken leaf spring, It is 2nd leaf spring, (middle of tier of 3) There is a shop going to do replacement and another shop making up the spring. Was asked for length of leg for the u bolts but replacement shop is too busy to get that info to me. Wondering if anyone is...
  2. Reicharm

    Frame repair/ leaf hanger

    Hey guys, I have a 94 super cab and I’m in the process of changing out the leaf hanger on the passenger side. The problem I have is there are a few small rust holes, 1/8th diameter in the fram right on the edge of where the hanger mounts on both sides. My question is, if I weld in a patch with...
  3. I love my Ranger!

    I bought a 2009 Ranger XLT 4x4 for my daily driver, trips to home depot, and dump runs and..... well.... I wasn't expecting to fall in love. But I did. Now I am on a mission to 1) keep my Ranger for as long as possible. 2) Get it to drive and ride as good as possible. I am not a mechanic but...
  4. Lil-Pony

    B2 leafspring

    mainly looking at the duff tuff 5-6” leaf and the skyjacker 6” leaf. I’m open to better suggestions. Need a smooth ride for my b2. :beer:
  5. Leaf to Coil Conversion.

    So I'm doing a sas on my 2000 Ranger and I'm going to put coil springs up front and I'm stuck on whether or not to put coils in the rear to. How hard would that be? Just taking the leafs off and putting coil buckets on right?
  6. please tell me this can be fixed!

    heres hoping the pics work: If so, first pic should be the busted passenger side shackle(?) and the next the drive side, which is what the passenger side should look like. I noticed these are rivited to the frame. Can this be fixed?

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