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  1. Support the REPAIR Act

    A bill titled the "Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair (REPAIR) Act" has been proposed in the US house of representatives with six republican and six democratic co-sponsors. It requires vehicle manufacturers to make service information available to consumers and 3rd-party...
  2. rayb2300

    mazda dlr

    Being Canadian, there is not much or any posts on daytime running lights. 2004 b2300, dlr's went out long ago, checked a few things then and just turned lights on, if need be, since. Obviuosly, fuses good. Is there a switch off ebreak or wired into something else?
  3. Rotagotideas

    For Canadians regarding Bill C-19

    hey guy's this is just a post for the Canadian gun enthusiasts out there. and for those who don't know that Canada has stupidly restrictive gun laws and a very thorough background check to get a gun license. It is nearly impossible to get any fancy fun stuff like the yanks can blast off...

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