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  1. Ticking

    I have a 94 4.0 sohc and I have a tick, but only over probably 20mph and at constant speed when I take my foot off the gas and slow down and when I accelerate the ticking stops no tick at idle either its super super weird and having clue where to start
  2. Bottom end knock when cold

    I recently bought a 1996 Ranger with about 185,000 miles on it. It ran and shifted great for a couple of weeks. Then the transmission started acting up. It was like the clutch wasn't engaging. Since it gave me no warning and I had noticed an oil leak that appeared to be the front main seal, I...
  3. Rangstang

    Please help diagnose 03 Ranger 2.3L knock with video

    Hi guys, I purchased the truck with this issue, so only thing I've got is what the previous owner told me. He said that it just "happened" on the way to work and he had it towed to his friend's shop who suspected a bad oil pump. I've checked oil level and verified no continuity at the oil...
  4. Reaper1354

    Rear main seal replacement cost?

    So my 97 ranger 4.0 is leaking at the rear main seal. I was told that this was due to play in the crankshaft which is also causing a knock. Now I know my mechanic said it was a knock but I don't haveany symptoms of a knock, i.e. Economy loss, power loss, metal shaving in oil, etc. so I'm...
  5. HELP! Knocking engine

    I have a 99 ranger 3.0l v6 I hydro locked the shit out of it saturday night, blew the hell out of the valve, so i bought a new cyl head from the dealer, tore engine apart, slapped new head on there (along with brand new gaskets for everything) then reassembled my whole engine and its still...
  6. Engine noise please help

    New here! I have 97 4.0l. It sounds like a diesel. At idle it ticks very loud but gets quiter when accelerating and becomes more rapid. This is what I have done so far. Cleaned mass air and checked with elc. Tester work as should. New plug wires. Checked and gapped plugs. Only code is 1433...
  7. dies at idle and ticks on hwy?

    ok well, my 1997 2.3l has been having a problem that I cannot figure out. First off runnin down the highway I will start to hear/feel a tick along with a slight hesitation. It will keep doing it till until I take it out of gear and coast to idle rpm. Then I throw it in 3rd an take off just fine...

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