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  1. sauceman

    Does a custom cold air intake improve the sound of the engine?

    Hello everyone. I was thinking about purchasing a cold air intake for my 92 ford ranger 4.0L. I've always been skeptical as to how much a Cold air intake improves performance, but for a bit of extra sound quality, it would be worth it. Do any of you guys notice a sound difference with one...
  2. dies at idle and ticks on hwy?

    ok well, my 1997 2.3l has been having a problem that I cannot figure out. First off runnin down the highway I will start to hear/feel a tick along with a slight hesitation. It will keep doing it till until I take it out of gear and coast to idle rpm. Then I throw it in 3rd an take off just fine...
  3. caser876

    2003 4.0 5spd Dyno run Before/After K&N

    Alright, this morning i went out to my uncles shop with my new intake kit. A K&N 77 series. ( http://www.autoanything.com/air-intakes/61A1913A0A0.aspx ). I waited to go to the shop to do it because his co-owner has a chassis dyno and i wanted to see what the kit did for the truck. We get it on...

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