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  1. sebastian323

    Can locksmiths cut a new key with just an igntion switch on newer laser cut keys

    Hello, I have often taken bare ignition switches to the locksmith to have conventional keys cut for my older cars. On a newer car that has laser cut keys, can the locksmith still make a key with just a igntion switch I dismount from the vehicle , or is this very expensive and better to get a...
  2. Rogja

    Anti-theft no PATS starting issue.

    Okay I know this has been asked a ton. But I can’t get clarification for my own problem with my ranger. Its a 97 XLT super cab. 4.0 with a manual and 4x4. the other day I tilted my steering wheel up after shutting off truck. And the ‘alarm’ system went off and since then won’t reset. I don’t...
  3. AOMills

    Turn signals inop, abs light on, related to the key?

    This has been a quirk that I've grown accustomed to over the years but has gotten worse and is now a real annoyance. It's a multi-step routine... 1. Start & drive my 1990 Bronco II 2. Drives fine 3. Without provocation, Rear ABS light illuminates/turn signals become inoperative/battery stops...
  4. koths211

    HELP! 4x4 keyway broke

    heres the scoop. 93 ranger xlt 4.0 4x4 automatic with auto hubs just bought it. redoing front wheel bearings, rotors, calipers. one of the " single hump locking key" 's was broken. im not converting it to manual hubs. its gunna be girlfriends truck and that's too complicated for her to...
  5. azintel1

    Truck recovered from theft/PATS key question

    Hello all, new to the forums but ive been lurking here for years. Good to finally be a member.:yahoo: So heres the problem My truck was stolen a month ago by someone who knows where I live and who stole my key. It was finally recovered by local PD but of course only the hidden spare key that...
  6. 99 ranger anti-theft

    ok so the battery in my dad's '99 Ranger 4wd died yesterday, no biggie, just hooked up some jumper cables and she started right up, but then today (after starting flawlessly several times) it all of a sudden decided it would just not start- it cranks over really well, but the anti-theft light is...
  7. aaronhahn777

    How to: Fix sticky/seized manual door lock

    My ranger's door locks have been getting worse and worse over time. I had to sometimes jiggle the key in the lock for 2-3 minutes before I was able to successfully unlock my vehicle. Then, they stopped working all together. This is a tutorial on how to get your locks back to new condition...
  8. MichaelG

    Putting it all together, a suspension idot.

    Ok, here's the basics: I'm mechanically minded. I do all my own maintenance and modifications to the motorcycles I own, my son races motocross and I'm the acting mechanic for his bikes as well. I've done a large number of electrical modifications to cars and trucks over the years and I'm...
  9. nktidwel

    Ignition fuse blows..

    96 2.3 manual Every single time I attempt to crank the ranger (with just the key), the ignition fuse blows, and it does not crank at all. I followed the ignition wire (red/blue) from the ignition switch. I have continuity with the bottom terminal (black/heavier wire) of the fender solenoid. I...
  10. compaqeo

    ignition always on?

    So when the battery is connected the idiot light(check engine) is always on even with the key out of the tumbler what should i check/do to find out why this is? Also im trying to bypass the clutch interlock but when i jump the wires so it can crank it cranks with out the key in? :icon_confused...

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