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  1. 83 ranger with Dana 30 help with bushings

    Hey everyone! I’ve got an 83 ranger that’s had a SAS with a Dana 30. The fella I got it from didn’t know too much about it, but I believe the front axle to be from 98 Grand Cherokee and the rear axle to be from a mid-nineties f150. It’s just a woods buggy but it makes finding parts difficult not...
  2. 2.4L Multiair

    I’ve got a 2016 Jeep Cherokee that I’ve been working on (it’s my wife’s daily) and it had burnt a valve a few weeks ago. I pulled the head, reworked it, done a valve job, changed all upper gaskets (head, valve cover, intake/exhaust manifold, VVA). After putting it all back and trying to start it...
  3. Dana 30 SAS 83 ranger track bar bracket help!

    Hey everyone! So I’ve got an 83 ranger, recently bought. The owner previous to me did an axel swap with the Dana 30 off a 97 Jeep. The track bar bracket is not welded square to the frame and is sitting quite off center, as I found out when I took it in for an alignment. The old guy I...
  4. jeep Dana 44 rear

    Hey im going to be putting a Dana 44 from a jeep grand cherokee into my 97 ranger. This will be my first time doing an axle swap so im looking for some answers. The jeep axle comes with coil spring perches so im going to have to take those out and weld some leaf spring perches on there. thats no...
  5. will.moyer

    chop top project

    ok ive seen it but i dont know how to do it and ive looked though the search but found nothing, i want to chop my b2 top ether all the way or up to the front seats. i know you can put a jeep roll cage or bars in but i was wondering about the top how can i fabricate it to put a jeep soft or...
  6. will.moyer

    b2 lift

    alright ive heard from friends who have b2s that i can take explorer and jeep parts to lift my b2 although none of them did that so if anybody can help me with the list of parts and vehicles i could possibly pull them off of that would be awesome
  7. Dprocks100

    Jeep Rims on Ford ranger?

    Ok, so im new to the forum, and i have a Question. I have a 1991 2wd Ranger without a lift. I bought some 15x7 jeep rims thinking they would fit and didnt think about the backspacing on them. they have a 5.25 backspacing. Im looking for an aggressive look and was wondering if i would be able to...
  8. rawrrediffer86

    Grand Cheerokee Coil Springs.

    I have a 97 4wd ranger & I wanna add a cheap lift. I heard that grand Cherokees have a 2in coil spring. I was wondering of you could use them or not. :)
  9. bronco 2 cherokee bumper swap

    so far as i can tell (i havent managed to park beside one or measure one yet) but a 1st gen xj is the same width. i found a winch bumper for an xj from rough country ho hard would it be to make it fit my bronco

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