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  1. Progress / Advice Thread 91 ExCab XLT

    Just figured I would make a thread here for all the interior mods I plan on doing to both get some advice / find out where to get stuff at and to show people what I'm doing to my ranger. As of right now nothing much has been done to it. And I have no pics right now, can get those tomorrow. I...
  2. Rotagotideas

    light problem - gauge cluster only comes on in between day light and nights

    Ok so here's the problem guys, my instrument cluster only comes on when the switch is in between day running lights and night runners. -The taillights are not on but brakes, reverse, and signals all work. I already replaced the switch and it yielded no change. -All the fuses under the dash are...
  3. adv5500

    Side facing jump seat question (reposition)

    i have a 99 ford ranger extended cab with 2 jump seats that face each other. I'd like to convert these to front facing. Has anyone done this or thought about doing it? How would I go about this?
  4. 87' Ranger Replacing Interior

    My 1987 Ford Ranger DD currently has blue interior with a "wood" dash. I'm planning on puttin in diamond plate for the dash. I would also like the paint the truck but I have a problem. The interior is blue which would clash with most colors except black, silver, white, and blue(of course). So I...
  5. Where to put the SWITCHES

    I have a 2000 Ranger XLT and have no idea where to mount switches. Well . .. I know where I could, but it has to look good too. Any ideas or pictures?
  6. New carpet

    I have a 1994 ranger extended cab. The interior is grey and I want it to be black. Since Its my daily driver and I dont have alot of free time I figured I would do it piece by piece. And seeing as how my carpet is pretty old and nasty I figured I would start with that. So here's my actual...

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