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intake gasket

  1. stamina

    coolant pressure test and compression test good, no blown head gasket?

    i thought i may have blown a head gasket on first startup or intake manifold gasket due to lots of smoke on first startup, (was also revving it to 2500 to do cam break in so this may have had something to do with it) so i went through some tests i did a dry compression test with the results of...
  2. stamina

    got truck started after lots of cranking white smoke like crazy

    i believe it is the intake manifold gasket, because it took so long to crank i’m assuming it was pulling in a ton of water/antifreeze i though i did a pretty good job of installing it but i guess not, brand new head gaskets as well. any tips for when i redo this gasket (probably this weekend) i...
  3. generic

    Replacing 1996 4.0L upper intake gaskets & injector seals

    I need to replace the fuel-rail-to-lower-intake gasket(s) on my 1996 4.0L OHV as they have begun to get sucked into the front and rear pair of intake ports. Mine is the plastic spacer (~3/16" thick) sandwiched between 2 thinner gaskets (paper I think, don't have them off yet). I have the intake...

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