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instrument cluster

  1. 1992redranger

    Dashboard Instrument Cluster Swap

    Hello all! The speedometer, odometer, and gas gauge stopped working in my 1992 Ranger, 2.3 4CYL, manual transmission. Lucky me, though, because I found a replacement cluster off a 1990 Ranger, 2.3 4CYL (Ebay listing here). I'm hoping to swap out the cluster myself, but have never done this...
  2. Instrument cluster turns on and off while driving.

    Well title says it. My instrument cluster goes on and off while driving. Here's a link to videos and photos I took of it: . When it goes into this mode the turn signals, brights, gas gauge, tps warning all work fine. Otherwise nothing else works. Outside of the instrument cluster everything...
  3. Instrument cluster swap

    I have a 95 ranger 4.0 manual trans 4x4. None of the gauges work beside the temp and battery so I was gonna swap it out. what gauges would work? Do I have to keep to exclusively manual and 4x4 and 4.0? And what year clusters would work from rangers or explorers? Thanks for the help!
  4. Odometer Gauge Help!!

    Hey guys, i have a 95 xlt super cab, automatic, 3.0 with 2WABS. My odometer will randomly cut in and out. Nothing i do helps it come or go at all. I've read most of the forums on here but didn't really see anything or anyone mentioning the really thin copper cable on the bottom of the cluster...
  5. V8 tachometer wiring

    i have an 89 ranger it was originally a 2.3 4cyl till i swapped in a carbed 5.0 i was wondering how i could get the tachometer to read the rpms properly.:annoyed:
  6. xX_STX_Xx

    Need Urgent Help!!

    I'm in the middle of tryin to fix my instrument cluster because my needle in my speedometer is goin crazy, my gauges arent working except for the fuel, the bulbs are no longer turning on, and im throwing tools and i fear for the garages safety. Does anyone have any ideas? idk whats wrong the...
  7. Cacher

    1994 Stock Tachometer Needed

    Gonna have to replace my tachometer (truck has 199,250), but do not want to replace the original odometer, and not sure which years will interchange. I need the backside-mechanical-parts of the tachometer. Does anybody have one to sell/get rid of, so I can use the mechanism on the original...

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