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  1. wiring apush button latching LED switch

    you see these on Ebay a lot a really versatile little switch with a few options for installing
  2. FillMarr

    Using 03 model dome light on 07 ranger

    Hey all, I just swapped my 03 RWD ranger for an 07 4x4 this year. Loving it. One thing I miss is having the dome light switch on the actual light. The roll switch/dimmer near the headlight switch isn't accessible by the passenger. I want to know if there is a way to use an older-style dome...
  3. Camshaft synchronizer sensor install

    Im part way through the replacement of the synchronizer and Im doing it without the tool my question is HOW exact does it have to be, are we talking dead on balls accurate or is there a mm or two grace? I bought a replacement from a wrecker and I do not have the tool neither does anyone in my...
  4. What's needed for a TrueTrac install?

    Hi all, I'm installing a detroit TrueTrac in my 7.5" rear with 3.73 gears... What all would I need to buy to do this? I know I need carrier bearings and races- Do I need anything else like shims? Also, what is the best source for these parts? Thanks in advance!!
  5. 2in" Lift Install Easy or Hard?

    Hi y'all i have a stock set up on the truck rite now and im thinking about going to a 2in'' skyjacker lift i would go 3in sus lift but i haven't found one? so might just go 2in'' and if later on I wana go bigger i can do a 1in'' body lift because 3 is the max i wana go, but i was just curious on...
  6. moddbox

    My Moddbox Supercharger Kit Install

    Ok. So there are alot of great "how to" guides on here... but I haven't seen a complete and thorough "how to" supercharger install for the 4.0L SOHC engine (specifically for Ford Ranger/2dr Explorer/Sport Trac & B4000). So... here it goes. If you obtain a Moddbox Installation kit and any...
  7. how to install jump seats in ext cab

    bought an 08 ranger ext cab. dosent have the folding jump seats. found em online for $100 is it possible to install them? i just have a storage compartment were the seats would go. any body know? or even done it?
  8. Lukster

    SS borla headers 90'-92' w/o egr convert to 1995 w / egr

    I have what looks to be a Early 90's model set of ss borla headers. W/o egr port. I have a 1995 4.0 w/the egr. I was going to cut off the lone tube extension on the right one, front part of the borla header, and weld a nipple for the egr intake on the left header where it needs to be. I...