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  1. generic

    Replacing 1996 4.0L upper intake gaskets & injector seals

    I need to replace the fuel-rail-to-lower-intake gasket(s) on my 1996 4.0L OHV as they have begun to get sucked into the front and rear pair of intake ports. Mine is the plastic spacer (~3/16" thick) sandwiched between 2 thinner gaskets (paper I think, don't have them off yet). I have the intake...
  2. Low idle after start, runs fine

    I have had an extremely difficult to diagnose idle issue that has been ongoing for years. It doesn't happen always but seems to be getting more severe recently. The truck is a 1997 4.0 ohv with 160k miles. When I start the truck it will start without any problem. But after it starts The rpm...
  3. 87 ranger sxt 2.9 v6

    i cant get my 1,2,4 injectors to pulse, i ve checked all ground i can find and still no pulse, im only allowed to work on my vehicle for a limited time in my parking lot at my apartments so major overhall is out of the question. I just replaced the PCM hoping that would solve the problem but it...
  4. stevealvey24

    Truck dies while driving?? Starts right back up every time.

    I have a 1986 Ranger with a 2.9 and a couple of times this week it has died whil driving, no particular rpm or speed. But it will start right back up. Also cuts out like ignition was turned off but picks right back up again as if nothing happened. It has a new ignition controle module, spark...

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