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  1. What should i do with my truck

    So i have a 1998 Ford ranger XLT rwd with the 3.0 v6 that im dropping in soon, it has 128,928 miles and I'm wondering if i should convert it to 4wd the cheapest way by buying a parts truck the same year as mine, And would i have to change the frame with it? I'd like to lift it but if it had a...
  2. Tach Not Working

    Hello I Have A 88 Ranger XLT 2.9L V-6 And I Was Wondering Why My Tach Doesn't Work. I Can Shift By Sound But Its More A Thing Of Being Able To See It Than Anything Else. Anyone Know What To Check For Or Do In Order To Fix This ? Also I Think My Speedo If Off But Thats Another Thing That I Cant...
  3. At witts end

    I have done a recent top end rebuild on my 2.9L and cannot get it to start. I have replaced several sensors, the fuel pressure regulator and water pump. I cleaned the injectors and purged them with compressed air and a battery. I get good fuel spray from all cylinders in order with the plugs...
  4. thebigyellowtruck

    Painting truck looking for ideas

    This summer I want to paint my 1997 ranger. Right now its red and its in pretty good shape, but i want to repaint it from the frame up. the frame and underbody is covered in surface rust. I'm trying to get some ideas of how i should paint it. I'm thinking maybe just red so that i dont have to do...

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