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hydraulic clutch

  1. the dude man

    2010 Clutch Master Replacement / Bench Bleeding

    Figured I needed to change my clutch master cylinder the other week, the truck had issues going into gear. Not gonna act like I had any clue what I was doing- I still don't. Thought I'd post about it here see if I can't save anyone some trouble. You're gonna wanna bring a friend. Disclaimer, I'm...
  2. Hydraulic clutch problem

    So I have a 1989 bronco ii Xl v8 302 swap , I was coming down the road my clutch petal got hard as a rock I forced it to the floor it in return popped the hydraulic clutch line out of the transmission . I have tried to put it back into the hole , it's goes in but don't lock in or seat in right ...
  3. t5 clutch questions????

    i order a 1993 240 sx slave cylinder for my t5 swap does anyone know if my stock ranger master cylinder will work with it please help me!:icon_confused:
  4. BONES

    clutch hydro system swap-ability?

    clutch hydro system swap-ability? Tech advice needed OK so after using the search system and tech library and going through 30+ pages of the tranny tech threads with no answers in sight, I figure I should post my question. My rig is an 86 BII fm145 1350M combo. Amazingly surviving behind a 92...

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