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hydraulic clutch problems

  1. Mysterious clutch issue in inherited Ranger

    I was gifted a 2000 Ranger XLT 2.5L with an undetermined clutch issue; the clutch loses its pressure after 30-45 minutes of being disengaged, it is parked with a stick to keep the pedal engaged to avoid this. Apparently before I owned it, the previous owner had taken the truck to two separate...
  2. differences in clutch disconnects

    I own a shop here in northern California. A friend recently asked me to swap out his problematic automatic in his 91 4.0 Ranger 4x4 for a 5 speed. I pulled a trans, clutch, flywheel, clutch master and hose from a 93 Explorer. I ran into some compatibility issues, searched the Internet for some...
  3. Hydro - Clutch Late Release problems: Please Help

    1985 Ford Ranger, 4wd manual, 2.8L (cologne) Engine has just been rebuild, bore is +.003 standard / standard DuraSpark Conversion successful Just finished rebuilding the engine, for this beast, and have noticed (after getting everything hooked up and running) that the Hydraulic clutch is not...

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