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hot smell

  1. I992 Ranger 2.3 So Hot & big loss of power

    Hello everyone I am so stressed out I need help with this before I lose my job. 92 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3. It started acting like it was going to die when idling and had a pretty strong exhaust smell coming up in the truck if the doors were open, also when I would turn it off the passenger side...
  2. Spark plug problems

    Help! I have an on going problem with my 2000 Ford Ranger 4.0 ltr, V6. Usually the number 4 cylinder needs replacing due to a cracked porcelain base. The last time it had a lot of oil around it. Now the codes PO174, P1151, PO306, and Cat fault are coming up. The engine light remains on...
  3. Power issue

    Pickup ran fine when I shut it off. When I started it, an hour later it quit and had to be restarted, which happened more than once. Power was poor and, in fact, I could barely make it up the last hill. When I parked it, it smelled like something was very hot. This is a 2001 4.0 liter Ranger. I...

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