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  1. Ford Cooling System Hoses

    What the heck is ford's problem, really expensive molded cooling system hoses. Really well made hoses but the OEM hoses are a tangle, especially heater hoses that run over the top of the engine getting in the way of everything. Especially the upper radiator hose that runs right on top of the...
  2. Super Green truck owner (dpfe hose type)

    Are the hoses connecting to the Dpfe sensor a special type of hose or can I just pick up of a couple feet at my auto parts store and install them? Super Thanks. (need to pass smog)
  3. 4.0 sohc hose location

    ok guys i had the infamous timing chain tensioner issue on my ranger and now im in the process of putting it back together but i cant remember where one of the hoses goes. its on the passenger side and it goes into the intake manifold. there is a coupler looking thing and there is 2 small hoses...

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