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  1. Edgefevah

    Mazda B4000

    I am wondering if a hood off a 1994 Mazda B-series pickup will fit my truck? Found one that has a sort of "powerdome" look to it, looks like a fit just not entirely sure.
  2. 95ranger2.3

    Edge nose conversion?

    I have a 95 Ranger and need pretty much the whole nose replaced after hitting a deer. Could I "bolt on" an Edge nose without much hassle? I am looking to change everything besides core support (already new) and inner fenders.
  3. lpdizzydawg

    Edge front end on 01 2.5

    Hello guys i need to know if the Edge Front end consisting of the hood grille fenders with flares and bumpers will be a direct swap on my 2.5. i do understand that the fenders will my main concern is the grille hood and bumper. i want the beefier look for my truck. i am about to undergo a HUGE...
  4. under hood light

    Hi all, Anyone know what bulb fits in the little "better-than-nothing" light on the underside of the hood. The one that lights the engine up when the hood is open? My truck never had one and I can't seem to figure out which bulb I need. It's an '87. Thanks.

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