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  1. Idles high until comes to stop

    Hey, Not sure if any can help me but i am having an issue with my 98 ranger 3.0L. the engine responds fine when i am accelerating but when I take my foot of the gas and toss it in neutral or push clutch in to switch gears it hold the rpm's at that point. If I am slowing down and I put it in...
  2. Dprocks100

    Idle issue - About ready to sell this old girl

    This whole problem started 3 weeks ago. I started my truck and let it idle for about 5 minuets and took off down the road. About 1-2 min later when I went to put the clutch in, it stalled as it went down to idle. Tried 4-5 times to start it, and it ran like normal. Drove it another 1-2 min and...
  3. High temp gauge!!!?? Trouble!? Help!!

    Hi everyone I recently [last week] did an oil/filter change as well as a coolant flush, and while i was doing the coolant flush i installed a new thermostat, we took out the old one because it was giving us a HIGH TEMP READING and so we assumed it was sticking and not opening anymore, so we took...
  4. aaronhahn777

    High Idle... please help

    05' sohv 4.0L v6. I installed a cold air intake and a magniflow exhaust. I now notice a high idle. It's really bad when it first starts up. Runs at about 2000 rpm even once warmed up. Between 1st and 2nd the rpm will increase when I hold th clutch in... really annoying. Ok... so this is...
  5. 4.0 hanging idle loss of power

    i have searched all the current threads on this same problem with no prevail. my truck is (yes) a frankenstein. it started out a 95 2.3l manual. i have swapped in a 99 4.0l engine from an auto. 96 transmission, wiring harness, computer and sensors to not have to deal with pats and so i wouldnt...

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