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  1. Headliner - 1997

    I've noticed that my headliner has begun falling down in multiple places. Would it be practical to just tear it down and have a plain metal roof in its place? Has anyone done this before?
  2. 1996 B2300 Extended Cab Headliner Replacment

    Hi, New to the forums but have already gotten several insights to other issues with my B2300. I'm going to replace the headliner covering and I'm looking for any details on unfastening and removing the headliner. I know the visors, hand hold, dome light need to come off. I'm really looking for...
  3. juggalomania92

    headliner and carpet question

    i have a 94 ex cab 5 speed, will a headliner and a carpet fit from a 99 ex cab 4 door, let me know my headliner sucks, it was cut for a ohc but my ohc display doesnt work only the map lights, and it sags in the back, and my carpet is bad also, all grimed up, if i get a newer one cheap im gonna...

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