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  1. Driver's Side Headlight Not working

    My driver's side headlight decided to stop working. I've replaced the bulb and ballast (I'm running HID's in the low beam in an aftermarket assembly). It started out as just the low beam on the driver's side then the high beam went out also. I replaced the multifunction switch. That didn't fix...
  2. Flickering tail lights/ fog lights/ corner lights.. HELP

    A couple days ago my turn signals/ fog lights (everything tha comes on with the middle spot in the headlight knob) started flickering when the headlight switch is in the off position. If you turn the knob to the middle or turn the headlights on everything is fine, the problem only happens when...
  3. Rotagotideas

    light problem - gauge cluster only comes on in between day light and nights

    Ok so here's the problem guys, my instrument cluster only comes on when the switch is in between day running lights and night runners. -The taillights are not on but brakes, reverse, and signals all work. I already replaced the switch and it yielded no change. -All the fuses under the dash are...

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