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  1. stamina

    98tm vs 95tm 4.0 exhaust manifolds and y pipes

    i have a 95tm 4.0 block and heads that i am running on a 92 computer. the 4th cylinder has low compression due to a valve issue so i am going to purchase anew casting head. for whatever reason no company makes new casting 95tm heads anymore (fast-burn chamber + large exhaust ports) they only...
  2. stamina

    best headers/exhaust system for 4.0 ohv

    i recently acquired a BBK 66mm throttle body from a junkyard 4.0 and after installing it has genuinely made a change in the way the truck responds when you hit the gas, it’s just plain faster/stronger in every way. on this power trip i am looking for a set of headers for the truck, what have...
  3. 02 ford ranger 4.0l exhaust manifold removal

    Hey guys just picked up some headers for my 02 ranger but im seeing that its quite the job to get out the left and right exhaust manifolds. Are there any tips to make this any easier?
  4. Ehxaust and Starting Hard

    I have a 1987 2.9L Ranger that has the stock ehxaust. I was thing of running headers to a flowmaster 40, the part I need help with is what type of headers should I get/ also I heard I should use a 2 1/2 inch pipe or a 2 1/4 inch pipe which would be better and where would I buy this? I was...
  5. 1991 Ranger Street/Strip 351w?.? Project DEADLINE 1 Oct 2016 Cruisin the coast

    1991 Ranger Street/Strip 302 Project DEADLINE 1 Oct 2016 Cruisin the coast Long time no see folks, I started a 1990 ford ranger 302 swap a few years back. I purchased the 302 engine, aod tranny, 8.8rearend, and new tires for the truck. That week, a 76 year old deaf woman pulled out in front of...
  6. GT-40 Torque Monster Headers for sale

    I would post this in the for sale section but it's sorta 5.0 swap specific so I don't know for sure where they should go but I have these on Craigslist now if anybody's interested. http://columbusga.craigslist.org/pts/5533087387.html
  7. 5.0 Swap questions

    Okay, so I've searched around the internet, but haven't found specific answers for these questions. I've got a 2000 Ranger 2wd, and want to put a 5.0 in it, I'm in the midst of putting the engine together, but I have questions about some parts. I've read about some conversion kits online, but...
  8. Has anyone tried 66-77 long tube bronco headers 5.0 swap

    I was just wondering if anyone's tried using or making these work with a little cutting and welding but I can get a good set of longtube 66-77 bronco headers for like $50 and they look really close to being able to work (keep in mind i know something would have to be done about the steering...
  9. Help with 84 2.0l headers

    Hey guys! I have a 1984 ford ranger with a 2.0l engine and its pretty well stock. I'm having the craziest time trying to find some headers for this thing and how i should set up my exhaust. Does anyone have any suggestions for the 1st gen 2.0l? I've been lurking on this forum for a while now and...
  10. V8 conversion

    I am planning on doing a V8 conversion to my 2000 Ranger v6 3.0 4x4 automatic with a 3in. body lift. What all would I need to do the swap? What should I get the motor from? What all will I need to pull from the donor vehicle to make it work? What headers will fit? I would also like to put a 5...
  11. mobile madness

    pacesetter 70-1170 on 91 4.0 help

    got these headers for my truck, hooked em up and bolted em down with stage 8 locking fasteners. all i need to do is fill the extra o2 sensor hole i dont need on the y-pipe and theres a very large threaded hole on one of the headers. is there any way i can determine what size those threaded holes...
  12. V8 headman shorty headers

    I want to exhaust wrap my headers. I have the headman V8 ranger conversion headers. I'm just wondering how much wrap I need? And any suggestions on what kind to get? Thanks, aloha, mahalo, A-
  13. new headers for 94 ranger

    I need to find some new headers for my 94 ranger, i want more power and just for it to sound better. so throw me some ideas and brands!
  14. New headers for a 94 Ranger.

    Hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas for new headers on my 94 ranger?
  15. plainschurch

    New To Forums!

    Hi! My name is kirk.I am new to forums and am testing the waters.A friend gave me a 1988 ranger longbed with high rider suspension about a year ago.So far i have done a head swap,load level spacers,headers,optima battery,31x10.50 geolanders,c-clip eliminators,3 inch wheel studs,and a ton of...
  16. header issues

    hi im getting toward the end of my swap and im having major issues finding headers that work i got a set of headmans that were supposed to be for this swap but they didnt clear the steering shaft or the passenger side frame rail then i tried a set of explorer manifolds which cleared everything...
  17. Lukster

    SS borla headers 90'-92' w/o egr convert to 1995 w / egr

    I have what looks to be a Early 90's model set of ss borla headers. W/o egr port. I have a 1995 4.0 w/the egr. I was going to cut off the lone tube extension on the right one, front part of the borla header, and weld a nipple for the egr intake on the left header where it needs to be. I...
  18. 2.9L Headers on 4.0

    I have a 1988 2.9L Ranger STX and I was rebuilding the engine. The exhaust manifold bolts all broke off in the heads. I took the heads off and had the bolts burned out, the valves redone, and the head milled flat to put back on. After i put the engine back together I can't seem to get it...

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