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  1. Pushed out of 3rd gear on ramp | Will not shift into 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear anymore!

    Hi there! I've just gotten a 1996 Ford Ranger 2.3l with 240k miles about a week ago, I got it by trading one of my flat screen TV's. :icon_rofl: When inspecting the truck for the first time, it ran good, I took the trade and drove 120 miles back to where I live. It drove great, no issues it...
  2. Grinds into 4th clutch still disengaged

    Hi everyone, first post here, new to rangers. I have a 1997 Ranger 2.3. It's a manual 2WD. I am having issues with shifting into 4th gear. With the clutch still in/disengaged I get a loud grind/screech when shifting into 4th. The car shifts smoothly into 4th when i let out the clutch. The grind...
  3. Speedo drive gear

    Damaged my speedo gear. Need to replace it. I have a 74' C4. Will the green gear I damaged be the right gear to get my speed accurate? And is the junkyard the only place to get them from? Thanks.
  4. gearstick rattles like crazy

    its just started to happen, its very annoying riding 60 down the road and all i can hear is that darn stick rattling. any ideas? oh and another thing thats happening is the truck wants to buck like crazy when i change from 1st to second, to third. it stops bucking after third
  5. MountainMike

    The coast to coast gear & banner

    The coast to coast gear & banner Hey TRSers. With the snow starting to melt it means it's finally wheeling time for us 4x4ers and maybe even it's time to take the cover off the lowrider and go for a cruise. I'd just like to take a little bit of time to give another shout out regarding our...
  6. '94 Ranger Stuck Gear

    I have a manual '94 Ranger 2.3 liter 2x4 that was given to me by a guy at church. The transmission was low on gear oil, and the gears were beginning to whine. I knew that I needed to top up on the lube, but I didn't. Shame on me. The transmission got really hot one day, and the clutch...

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