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  1. stamina

    install oil pressure gauge location.

    i want to know where i need to install this new gauge/where to thread it in, if someone could put a good picture in here in where it threads in that would be much appreciated
  2. plaligraphy

    A4LD Port plug question?

    What is this plug right above the shift linkage for? Could i possibly use it for my trans temp gauge? Thank you 90’ Ranger A4LD
  3. plaligraphy

    A4LD Transmission temp gauge

    How would i hook up the sender for my autometer trans temp gauge without having to drill a hole in the stamped pan, i don’t trust that it won’t leak. 90’ Ranger A4LD
  4. Bad ground in fuel gauge circuit?

    Hey guys i have a '94 ford ranger 2.3L 5speed Manual, the fuel gauge goes back and forth randomly, which tells me everything in the cluster is fine as Far as wiring? If so that leaves me a few possibilities; -Bad ground in fuel pump or sending unit? I just bought this truck and thats pretty...
  5. Odometer Gauge Help!!

    Hey guys, i have a 95 xlt super cab, automatic, 3.0 with 2WABS. My odometer will randomly cut in and out. Nothing i do helps it come or go at all. I've read most of the forums on here but didn't really see anything or anyone mentioning the really thin copper cable on the bottom of the cluster...
  6. Tbarnes93

    can't figure it out replaced everything.....

    I have a 1994 ford ranger 4.0. I have replaced about everything i can think of coolant wise. new radiator, water pump, all new hoses, thermostat, radiator cap and even coolant temp sensor.( broke it replacing head gasket) I cant get the temperature gauge to work. it stays on cold even after the...
  7. Rangurr

    Changing Dash Cluster Color

    I'm looking for information on changing the color of my dash cluster from green to red. I have heard of people using new faceplates but I would like to avoid that if I can. Over on the Exploder forums, however, I did see someone talking about scraping off the factory green tint screen and...
  8. Dimmer to aftermarket guages

    Anybody have experience hooking up after market gauges through the dimmer switch on a 91' Ranger?
  9. Mechanical Guage Install Help

    So i picked up a triple set of mechanical gauges for my 91 ranger 2wd, 8 plug, 2.3. I have water, oil, and volts but i am stumped on where to plum and wire them in. The temp sensor i was just going to T off of the ECT location but if that messed with the computer i will just T it off a heater...
  10. Nezorf

    96 B2300 Temp Gauge Diagnostics.

    Coolant Temperature Gauge I have a dead temp gauge. I have great heat, enough that I'm sweating in the cab. As I've had some vehicles die on me from overheating I'm over cautious and am running the heat at full blast when I drive. I haven't driven it further than 20 miles yet so its not too...
  11. Fuel Pump/Sender/Gauge/Slosh Module

    Hopefully someone has had this problem. It started when the fuel pump stopped working. Replaced it. Now the fuel gauge is all wacky. Empty is just above 1/4 and full is around 3/4. Previously it had been fine. Also just driving around it will vary approx distance of 1/4 tank (on gauge). I'm...
  12. oil pressure and water temp gauges w/ V8

    I have a 1991 4.0L XLT ranger with a V8. Im installing a flip kit so I can use my new one piece driveshaft. Id like to take it for its first drive this week when its finished but I don't want to run it without water and oil gauges. Id like to use the stock gauges. Which wire goes to the oil...
  13. speedometer hookup?

    Hi i have an 89 ranger that im finishing up a 5.0 t5 swap on from an 84 mustang. I was wondering if anyone knew what i needed. i have a hole in the side of the tranny and the cable that came with the truck what peices am i missing? thanks
  14. Where do I measure temperature?

    I'm thinking about buying an aftermarket temp gauge for my 95 ranger 2.3 because I don't trust the stock gauge. I've heard the normal operating temp is supposed to be around 190*F to 205*F. Is that to be measured at the block, or the coolant, and if so where?? Thanks in advance for your...
  15. needs help troubleshooting

    I have a 1995 ranger. when i start, and run for a while it it will be fine, but if i turn it off then turn it back on in a few minutes it starts but revs down very fast and the engine sounds like its coughing and vibrates alot. also the check gause light comes on. it might stay on the whole...
  16. Black and red gauge face?

    I'm trying to do a Black/red theme for the interior of my 94 and I've been searching SO hard to find a gauge face that is black with red lettering. Does anyone know where I can find one? Or perhaps another question is what makes the lettering turn green so I could then swap out the green for red...
  17. Install Cluster W/Tach!

    Hello, everyone! I am new to the site and was wondering about changing out my cluster for one that has a tach, there seems to be some really sharp people on here and I would say someone has done this very thing before and would know what needs to be done to do this. My truck is a 1996 Ranger...

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