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  1. Johnny Creeps

    No codes

    My truck, 94 4.0L Ranger, runs like perfection, then when I put it in park, it dies. When I restart it, the check engine light comes on (but I can't get it to flash codes for me) and it chugs and is dumping gas into the system. To me, it was obviously the O2 sensors... changed both of those...
  2. koths211

    93 ranger crap mpg

    I have a 93 ranger ext. cab 4.0 automatic 4x4 31x10.5 on 15s cap on bed. 2" factory lift I keep up on all repairs but get a consistent 13 mpg. usually 260-275/tank id like to get at least 16 if possible. any more ideas let me know. *things I've done* full tune up (plugs, wires, k&n air...

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