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  1. Flex to Gas Swap

    I am looking at a motor to swap into my blown flex fuel ranger. The motor i found is a gas motor. What would I need to do to make it work good in my truck. would i need to pull the computer or what. Please help. Thanks
  2. Gasoline smell in garage

    Sorry if wrong forum, could not find this topic under the help headings. Occasionally I note a vague gasoline smell by the driver door of my '95 Ranger. This is in the garage only, never experience it anywhere else. I got under the truck with bright lights and a mini video camera and tried...
  3. Bronco II dies of lack of fuel with plenty in tank

    Recently my 1985 Bronco II with a stock 2.8 Liter has been acting like I ran it out of gas even though it has gas in the tank. for example the other day I put in around 165 miles worth of gas into the tank and at around 130 it dies. I do believe this truck is apparently to be the year with two...
  4. Alecs

    Running rich

    Hello everyone. I'm having problems with my 97 ranger running rich. It has the 4.0 ohc engine with a 5 speed rwd. It's throwing the following codes: p1132, p1152, p0135, p0141, and p0155. They indicate heater circuit malfunction on all three o2 sensors and that both banks are running rich...
  5. Absolutely horrible MPGs

    I couldnt find hardly if any similar issue elsewhere on the forum. I have an 87 XLT with a 2.9...in the neighborhood i get around 10 mpg, i never do highway because of the remote area i live in. the engine has over 400k miles on it so its not so surprising. the engine has always had this issue...
  6. Bronco II gas tank in my 91' Ranger XLT

    Got a rear mounted Bronco II gas tank and planning to install it in my 91 4.0 (now 5.0) Ranger. Figured I would put some pictures on here and maybe get some ideas from whoever has some.
  7. Trouble with fuel system??

    2004 Ford ranger. I had the tank replaced bc a hole. After this I have had trouble when filling the tank. No matter how full or empty the tank is the gas comes bubbling back out. It's like it's under pressure then after pumping about 1/4 a gallon to 1/2 a gallon it starts clicking the pump off...
  8. gas tank relocation

    anybody ever moved the gas tank into the bed?
  9. 1986 Ranger 2.9 problems

    I have a 1986 ranger 2.9. When i crank the engine it might fire once or twice but not start. or if it does start it will not idle and will run extremely rough. There is also A LOT of greyish/white smoke from the exhaust if it starts but it is not from coolant. I have replaced fuel filter, spark...
  10. 93 Ranger X Cab 4.0 4WD 5spd fuel capacity questions

    So ive had my ranger for about 3 months now and i absolutely love the truck.Ive put alot of work into the truck and im going to keep improving it until its perfect in my eyes. But onto my questions...i have been told my truck is a 21 gallon tank and its a 20 or a 19.6 gallon tank. Currently i...
  11. Gas in the oil?

    I just bought a 92 ranger for a parts truck and the motor makes this wierd noise and won't go faster than 15 like it has no power. I pulled the dip stick and noticed it smelled like gas. I don't need the motor but would like to get it running cause the truck is much nicer than I thought it was...
  12. Tanks too damn small!

    I have a 1988 bronco ll and the thing is a pain, I constantly need to refill it with gas. I believe it has a ten gallon tank. I also dont see any postings about this, but does anybody have any ideas on putting a bigger gas tank in it, like sizes and if anybody has don a conversion like this before.
  13. rough idle and poor gas mileage

    hello, i have a 1992 ranger 4.0l v6 2wd i just replaced the feul pressure regulator because it whent in my truck. now i am seeing the same signes i had when it was going. there is a very harsh idle (stalls if i dont rev the engine for abit) it almost feels like its misfiring. also i am getting...
  14. Bryan101

    Gas tank leak

    does anybody else have or has had this problem and know the fix cause with my tonneau cover and bed liner it is a bi*** to take the bed off... when i fill up my gas tank i notice gas dripping under the truck from the skid pan...

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