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gas mileage

  1. Tire Buying Time -- Need Advice

    Hey y'all -- so I recently bought 2000 Ford Ranger and to get it through inspection, I need to put new tires on it. I've already done most of the other work it needed myself to save cash, but other than buying used tires (which I'd rather avoid for fear that they'll give out at the worst time...
  2. engine swap for 1984 ranger

    I was wondering what ford v6 has the best fuel economy to power ratio or which would be the best to swap into my 84 ranger which is lacking from power. I use this truck to go off road and as a daily commuter. If anyone knows which swap would give me good power and gas mileage please tell me and...
  3. 93 X Cab 4.0 5spd mileage woes

    Truck is a 1993 Ranger Ext Cab 4.0 4WD 5spd with a 21 gallon tank,3 inch body lift running 235/75/15s,axle code is R6 IIRC. Just picked this truck about a month ago. When i purchased the truck it was getting 12mpg and had a HORRIBLE misfire..it literally ran like it was running on 5 cylinders...

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